Relentless flooding continues to cause devastation in Northern Peru.

"Our Aspape & Asproagro coffee producers in Northern Peru are greatly affected by damaged roads that have completely isolated them and are suffering for food. This is the time when there is no food crop in the communities. We are also collecting food and clothing here." - Isabel Uriarte Latorre
- Executive Director, Association of Cafe and Quinoa, General Manager of Cecanor in Peru

How can you help?

The Café Femenino Foundation is helping to raise emergency funds to provide food packages to the women of Café Femenino and their families in ASPAPE (community of Penachi) and ASPROAGRO (community of Kanaris). The cost of each food package is approximately $25. In order to deliver food packages to all 615 families, $15,000 is needed.

Each $25 donation made to Peru's Emergency Relief Fund will provide a food package to those who are in desperate need. The funds will be dispersed by the Association of Café & Quinoa based on funds available and community priorities.

Each food package will contain:

3 kg of rice   2 kg of noodles
3 kg of vegetable stew   1 liter of oil
1 kg of sugar   1 kg of salt
1 kg of kiwicha   3 cans of tuna
1 package of matches    




Catastrophic Conditions

El Niño-like storms have drenched the nation since December, leading to catastrophic mudslides and flooding. More than 80 people have been killed due to the storms. More than 650,000 citizens have been affected with more than 145,000 properties damaged, local officials reported. Local media report significant damage to at least 400 hospitals, according to European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations, creating a dangerous situation for those injured during the recent historic flooding. source

This time of year is already a very difficult time for the people of Northern Peru, called the "Lean Times". It's the time of year just prior to harvesting the coffee crops where there are few resources left from the previous years harvest and a very limited food supply.

The damaged roads are the same roads used to transport the green coffee to market during the harvest later this year, please consider helping these coffee producers and their families in this very difficult time.

"Spreading awareness of this emergency relief fund made me realize the importance of our food security project in Corral de Piedra during this critical time. Helping a coffee producing village develop their own food security through the construction of a school greenhouse and community garden is perhaps more important now than ever before."  - Brhianna Malcolm, USU student

"Over the last eight years, we’ve had the honour and privilege of visiting several of Café Femenino’s different coffee growing communities in Peru. During these stays, the members of the communities help us to learn about the coffee we sell back home, food security, fair trade, equality, culture, community development and relationship. Each time, we leave humbled by their genuine hospitality and the knowledge that we’ve received more than we are ever able to reciprocate. We are honoured and grateful to consider the coffee-growers of Café Femenino, and their families, as intrinsic parts of our SJU community. During this critical time, please consider supporting access to essential needs for all those in the communities affected by the flooding – communities of people who are role models of courage, determination, leadership and resilience. "  - Bess Mitchell, St. Jerome's University