For Immediate Release:

The film, Strong Coffee: The Story of Café Femenino, recently released to North American audiences, has been received with much acclaim. This story, about how hundreds of Peruvian women coffee producers working with the support of PROASSA, a small coffee export company together with Organic Products Trading Company, a U.S. coffee importer, created an amazing and revolutionary new model of social business. The film chronicles this new model and how it has dramatically changed the 'machismo' culture that has historically not allowed women any social, political or economic rights, to a culture that is now valuing the contribution of women in their families, communities, and in their coffee organizations. The movie also brings to light how the Café Femenino coffee is also benefiting women's crisis organization's in North America. Café Femenino provides a unique opportunity of connection and hope throughout the coffee chain.

A DVD is available for purchase from the Café Femenino Foundation during the SCAA conference with all profits going to help the Café Femenino Foundation continue fulfilling grant requests to those coffee producers who are in great need.

Hosting a showing of this film is a great way to raise awareness. The Café Femenino Foundation can help to organize an event by contacting us at