Peru Trip 2018
Paula Chavez Gómez, president of the Women’s Association of Coffee and Quinoa, Naranjo, Peru. Photo by Jan Weigel

In December, Fresh Cup’s publisher, Jan Weigel, traveled to Peru with the Café Femenino Foundation, a non-profit organization on which she has served as a board member for almost a decade. The foundation, whose mission is “granting hope worldwide,” is dedicated to enhancing the lives of women and their families in the coffee-producing communities throughout the world. By raising funds and approving grants for proposed projects and programs, the Café Femenino Foundation helps these communities face the issues of today, which include access to clean water, education, and healthcare.

Weigel joined Marilyn Dryke, president of the Café Femenino Foundation, on this trip to see firsthand some of the projects they’ve been funding throughout villages in Peru, including water reservoirs, wet mills and drying patios, vented stoves, and early education centers, as well as to meet with members of these communities to get a better understanding of what their needs are.

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