A Bid for Hope Silent Auction Booth (Bidder Registration Booth 127)

We are proud to again present the "A Bid For Hope" silent auction happening at the Coffee Fest Seattle trade show October 4-6, 2013.  Here is a complete list of auction items that will available to bid on at the show:


Item # Donor Item Name/Description Item Value
1 Cafe Femenino Foundation "Club" Apparel and MORE...

"Club" Apparel - XL Jacket, XL sweater, leather folder / note pad, 2 coffee mugs, glass coffee serving set with custom stirring spoons and serving tray.

2 Kerry Ingredients and Flavors 5 Smoothie Mixes, 1 Lemonade Concentrate, 4 Coffee Syrups, 2 Oregon Chai Concentrates, 2 Oregon Chai Dry Mixes, 3 Latte Concentrates

(1) Jet Strawberry Banana - JT02607
(1) Jet Strawberry Banana - JT02607
(1) Jet Mango Mania Smoothie - JT02609
(1) Jet Wildberry Blast, - JT02610
(1) Jet Strawberry Bomb - JT02612
(1) Jet Peach Nonfat Yogurt Smoothie - JT03796
(1) DaVinci Gourmet Fruit Innovations Lemonade Concentrate - 6073738400400
(1) DaVinci Gourmet Cheesecake - 6073738400129
(1) DaVinci Gourmet Red Velvet Cake - 6073738400127
(1) DaVinci Gourmet Cake Batter - 6073738400128
(1) DaVinci Gourmet Cookies N' Cream - 6073738400130
(2) Oregon Chai Concentrate Original - OC10040
(2) Oregon Chai Vanilla Dry Mix Single Serve - OC72068
(1) Oregon Cafe Concentrate Vanilla Latte - OC00500
(1) Oregon Cafe Concentrate Mocha Latte - OC00501
(1) Oregon Cafe Concentrate Caramel Latte - OC00502

3 American Barista & Coffee School DVD Package - "Passionate Harvest" and "Latte Art"

Two great coffee inspired DVDs .. Passionate Heart and Latte Art

4 Guittard Chocolate Company 4 Cases Guittard 2 oz bars (12 per case): Quetzalcoatl 72% (2 cases - 48 - 2 oz. Bars total) and the Orinoco 38% (2 cases - 48 - 2 oz. Bars total)

2 cases Orinoco 38% Cacao Milk - Bold, rich, milk chocolate flavors with caramel accents, fresh dairy notes and signature hint of cinnamon set this milk chocolate apart from all the others.   2 cases Quetzalcoatl 72% (2 cases - 48 - 2 oz. bars total) Divine, feathered serpent, god of the morning star, rain and vegetation, creator of the fifth-world - according to ancient Mesoamerican myth, Quetzalcoatl was all of these things. Most important, however, it is said that he brought us chocolate. This very dark, high intensity bittersweet blend is for the true aficionado. Dark, rich flavors linger with a minimum of sweetness, and it's 72% "cacao mass" with no cocoa butter added.

5 Olam Specialty Coffee TruBru 2-Cup Station w/Beehouse Drippers

Full manual 2-Cup Brew Station

6 Stirling Food Inc. Stirling Starter Kit - Carousel and Syrups

The Stirling Starter Kit includes 17 pumps, 24 syrups, and 1 carousel. The secret to Stirling® Gourmet Flavors' true, rich taste and aroma is the cool-blending of up to five different sugars with pure fruit juice concentrates and the finest flavor

7 Coffee Talk Daily Dose Ad Package

Daily Dose ad for a MONTH in Top 10 position

8 Aerobie, Inc. Two (2) AeroPress Coffee Makers

AeroPress Coffee Makers - World's Smoothest, Richest Brew -
Using the ideal water temperature
and gentle air pressure brewing yields
rich flavor with lower acidity and
without bitterness.

9 Unemployed Philosophers Guild Unemployed Philosophers Guild Gift Basket

Gift basket includes: Mints, Activity Bars and Mugs

10 BUNN My Cafe MCU

Single use multi-use brewer

11 Torani Torani Flavored Syrups Basket

Torani syrups, Torani sauces, frother, glassware and other Torani logo items.

12 Caffe D'Vita/Brad Barry Company, Ltd. Powdered Drink Mixes and DISCOUNT off next order!

1-3lb Chocolate Milkshake Mix; 1-9oz. can Java Chip Frappe Mix; 1-19oz can Toffee Coffee Frappe Mix; 2 sleeves-24 count instant cappuccino single serve envelopes; and, 50% off next order of Caffe D'Vita beverage mixes (up to $100)

13 Mountain Cider Company One (1) Case of Hot Spiced Cider Concentrate

Makes 16 gallons or 256 8-oz servings of All-Natural Hot Spiced Apple Cider.  Stores for a year and a half without needing refrigeration.

14 Monin Inc. Monin 100th Anniversary Print

Framed Commemorative Print Celebrating Monin's 100th Anniversary by Guy Buffet (only 500 prints made)

15 Umpqua Oats Oatmeal Basket

48 single cups, two tumblers, two hats

16 Fresh Cup Magazine Vertical 1/4 Page Ad

Vertical Quarter Page Ad in Fresh Cup Magazine

17 Rod & Jan Weigel Wine Basket $200.00
18 Visions Espresso Service Brew Basket

Chemex & filters; Buono Kettle; Hario Canister and Grinder

19 Tea and Coffee Trade Journal Advertising Space - 1/2 Page

1/2 Page Island Ad

20 MauiGrown Coffee Company Maui Grown Roasted Coffee Basket

Maui Grown™ Coffee is the grower in Ka'anapali Estate Coffee located on the West Maui Mountains near the historic town of Lahaina, Maui.  The 500-acre estate grows several varieties of Arabica Coffees.  This basket includes some of the finiest roated coffees grown on the island of Maui.

21 Tulocay & Company - Nature's Habit Granola Box of Granola

Various flavors of granola. Loaded with crunchy nuts, heart healthy whole grains and antioxidant-rich dried fruits,  we know that we have the best tasting granola on the market.

22 Pacific Bag BAGS: 2 Cases (500 per case) Copper Matte FGB with Valve

1000 - 12-16 oz. Copper Matte Gusseted bags with special one-way degassing valve placement. Item #: 300.M410  2 cases (500 bags each case; total of 1,000 bags)

23 Java Jackets 5 Cases Stock Print Java Jackets

5 cases (6500/total) stock print java jackets or credit for custom order.

24 Java Jackets 5 Cases Stock Print Java Jackets

5 cases (6500/total) stock print java jackets or credit for custom order.

25 Maya Tea Assorted Tea Basket

Assorted Teas! And, Chai!

26 Unishippers 18 Wheeler

$100 gift certificate towards shipping costs from Unishippers of Montana, PLUS auto care accessories basket

27 Unishippers Shake, Rattle and Roll Basket

$100 gift certificate towards shipping costs from Unishippers of Montana, PLUS a bottle of Gin, a bottle of Vermouth, a martini shaker and even a bottle of olives.

28 Gay Smith Round the World Gift Basket

Fun items from around the world: Baby Alpaca Shawl, Silver and Lapis jewelry from Peru, glassware from Italy, woven table runner from Guatemala plus lots of other fund items from around the world.

29 Gay Smith Coffee Clock

Fun "vintage-style" coffee clock

30 Gay Smith Fall for Black Coach Package

Black Coach Business Bag and Matching Wallet

31 Cappuccine Cofeehouse Starter Kit

Coffeehouse Starter Kit includes ten three-pound bags (1 bag of each flavor) of Cappuccine's most popular frappe mixes: Vanilla Express, Extreme Toffee Coffee, White Chocolate Symphony, Latte Frappe, Mocha Glacier, Red Velvet, Caramel Latte, Chocolate Decadence, Coconut Cream and Indian Chai Latte.

32 Orphan Espresso Olympia Cremina "The Elvis"

Custom Olympia Cremina Lever Espresso Machine, fully restored, by the Master Craftsman of Olympia Express Restorations, Orphan Espresso.  Frame off restoration of this vintage machine, full powdercoat finish of frame & case, special edition for the Café Femenino, one of a kind.

33 Sowden Soft Brew / NGL Associates Soft Brew and Coffee Basket

2-cup Sowden Soft Brew - by using photoetching technology we have developed a microthin filter with more than half a million microscopic holes; Slow pour spout and easily removed filter. 6 bags of Cup of Hope - Cafe Femenino Peru organic, fair trade whole bean coffee.

34 Straw Propeller Gourmet Foods Product GIFT CERTIFICATE & Single Serve Oatmeal & Muesli

Variety pack of gourmet oatmeal and muesli in a beautiful reusable basket, plus a gift certificate for 36 cups (your choice of flavors) shipped free to anywhere in the continental US.

35 The Metal Ware Company - NESCO Home Coffee Bean Roaster & Green Coffee Beans

The Nesco coffee bean roaster allows consumers roast raw coffee beans in your own home like a professional.  The NESCO coffee bean roaster has a catalytic converter to absorb odors generated from the roasting process; gets an even roast and uniform color while controlling the roast from light to dark. Easy to use to make the freshest beans roasting 1/3 lb of beans in 20 to 30 minutes PLUS a sampling of green coffee beans provided by Organic Products Trading Company.

36 Dryke & Associates Web & Graphic Design WEB SITE DESIGN OR UPGRADE

$1200 Web/Graphic Design Gift Certificate for 12-hours of website consultation and labor towards a new website or work upgrading your existing website - or, creation of an eFlyer template and six eFlyer submissions (to your client list) during the next 12 months.

37 Cafe Femenino Foundation - Fair Trade USA Fair Trade Certified™ Gift Basket!

Assortment of organic Fair Trade items

38 Specialty Coffee Association of America 2 SCAA - Seattle Attendee Badges

SCAA - Seattle, April 24-27, 2014 --- Two Attendee Badges PLUS a Gift Certificate to the Cheesecake Factory

39 Dillanos Coffee Roasters, Inc. COFFEE BASKET $150.00
40 Cafe Femenino Foundation - Kobos "All Things Tea" in a Cherry Wood Bowl

Beautiful Cherry Wood Salad Bowl with Bonavita Tea Kettle; "2" For Life Tea Pots, Team Samples; Tea Ball Clamp and Timer

41 Marilyn Dryke Keep Your Coffee Hot

Frieling French Press (insulated, stainless steel, mirror finish, 44 fl. oz.) Unbreakable, retains the heat 4 times longer than glass thanks to double-wall insulation and dishwasher safe; 6 bags of Cup of Hope organic Cafe Femenino Peru whole bean coffee; Bailey's Irish Cream; 2 cups/sauces; serving plate, and more ...

42 Roast Magazine Beer/Roast Giveaway Basket

Donation includes t-shirt, Duffle bag, two-year domestic subscription to Roast magazine and complete set of back issues on cd (9 years in total) along with a choice selection of beer

43 OneVessel / Vessel Drinkware Drinkware Collection

Collection of 10 different shapes, sizes and colors of Tumblers; Double Wall Cups, Procelain Cups, Insulated Cups, etc.

44 Tightpac America, Inc Tightvac Container Collection

Tightvac has developed and manufactured multi-purpose food storage containers with a one of a kind technology that makes our unique patented closure system ideal for keeping food fresher for longer and consequently helps to eliminate wastefulness and unnecessary spending.

45 Robyn and Don Berquist of Rancillio Group North America, Inc Rancilio Silvia Espresso Machine, Espresso Cups, and MORE

Home use semi-automatic espresso machine - sturdy stainless steel casing, brass components throughout and an upgraded commercial-grade steam wand make the Rancilio Silvia one of the most popular machines on the market. Simple, reliable and powerful, the Silvia espresso machine produces excellent espresso and silky microfoam milk for your lattes and cappuccinos.

PLUS espresso cups, spoons, plates and napkins from Crate & Barrel

46 Walker Coffee Trading, L.P. GREEN COFFEE BEANS - PERU

1 Bag Peru Fair Trade Organic Rainforest Alliance Coop Agro Cafe

47 Walker Coffee Trading, L.P. GREEN COFFEE BEANS - EL SALVADORE

1 Bag El Salvador SHG EP Pulped Natural San Emilio

48 FoamAroma, LLC 3 cases of FoamAroma lids (1,000 lids per case) Black or White

FoamAroma is a new hot drink lid that simulates the open mug experience while on the go by allowing the consumer to inhale the aroma and savor the latte foam. For the coffee/tea shop owner, FoamAroma delivers a memorable experience so your customer will want to come back for more.

49 The Metropolitan Tea Company Tea Set & Teas

Stainless Steel Tea Set and Teas

50 Exhibitor's MAKE A DIFFERENCE Basket Generous Collection of Items from Coffee Fest Seattle Exhibitors

ONE OF A KIND BASKET ... items donated by the exhibitors during Coffee Fest Seattle to support the Cafe Femenino Foundation and MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the lives of women and families in the coffee producing communities throughout the world.

51 Frizz USA - Maven Distribution Iced Frizz Coffee Kit

Enjoy Frizz Coffee (1 case). A Sweet Bubbly Espresso Soda imported from Southern Italy.  Also included: a thermal tote, (4) double-wall tumblrs, silicone perfect cube ice trays and a Frizz Coffee Bottle Opener.

52 Cafe Femenino Foundation COFFEE & BEAN GRINDER - Vario Grinder

This professional-grade grinder fits anywhere, from your kitchen to your office to your café. While sporting a small footprint, the Vario features an impressive range of capabilities, boasting 230 distinct and repeatable grind settings from fine grind for espresso to course grind for press pot.
The design is beautiful as well as functional. Vario's intuitive macro/micro adjustments make it easy to get the grind for a perfect espresso finish. Need something a little different? With a simple slide of the lever, you can switch from espresso to other coffee styles. And it couldn't be easier to get the perfect amount — digital timers and three user-programmable buttons make accurate one-touch dosing and repeatable grind times a snap.

53 Dr. Smoothie Brands Dr. Smoothie Gift Certificate

$250 Gift Certificate - good for $250 worth of DRS Products. Shipping within the Continental US only.

54 Dr. Smoothie Brands Dr. Smoothie Gift Basket

Basket with a variety of Dr. Smoothie items and products.

55 Novus Tea Wood Tea Chest PLUS Tea

Beautiful wood tea chest and 12-50 count boxes of loose tea.  14 flavors to choose from. Pikc up item at the show or we will ship it to you.

56 Caffe D'Arte Caffe D'arte Gift Basket

Caffe D'arte Coffees, Travel Mug, Clear Cold Cup and Apron

57 Cafe Femenino Foundation Coach Weekender

Coach Getaway Signature Nylon Large Packable Weekender in Vermillion.

58 Cafe Femenino Foundation Coach iPad Tablet Case

Coach Heritage Stripe iPad Tablet Case in Silver and Black

59 Swiss Water Decaf Cupping Spoon and Coffee T-shirt

Cupping Spoon and Coffee T-shirt

60 Two Degrees, Inc BACKPACK & TWO DEGREES BARS: "for every Two Degrees bar purchased, we give a meal to a hungry child."

Two Degrees branded Timbuktu backpack full of a case of our bars (which is 54 bars mixed flavors: chocolate banana, chocolate peanut; cherry almond & apple pecan), plus a water bottle.


1 Bag Mexico Finca Santa Rosa ICO 0016-2222-2587

62 The Republic of Tea Tea Basket

Sipware, 6 tins of tea, traveler tins!

63 Atlas Coffee Importers GREEN COFFEE BEANS - ETHIOPIA

1 bag of green coffee beans - Ethiopia certified Fair Trade Organic Yirgacheffe Gr2 - Koke Coorperative

64 Choice Organic Teas Organic Tea Basket

Gift Basket of Organic & Fair Trade Teas

65 Cafe Design & Architecture Ergonomic Equipment Planning & Design

Layout and design of retail coffee and/or tea store; includes Floor Plan with equipment layout and food service equpment specification book for retail coffee and/or tea shop.  User will need to provide dimensioned floor plan and photos of location.  Additional services will be available.

66 MJ and Harry Newcomb STOCK UP FOR HOLIDAY PARTY - Wine Gift Basket

Bottles of Naked Winery Wine; glasses and accessories!

67 Ghirardelli Chocolate Co. Ghirardelli Chocolate Gift Basket

Basket filled with a variety of Ghirardelli Chocolate Products

68 Coffee Holding Co./ Organic Products Trading Co. GREEN COFFEE BEANS - 1 full bag of Colombia FTO Green Coffee

Colombia Café Femenino Certified Organic Fair Trade
70 kilo / 154.322 lbs

69 Coffee Holding Co. / Organic Products Trading Co. GREEN COFFEE BEANS - 1 full bag of Peru FTO Green Coffee

Peru Café Femenino Certified Organic Fair Trade
69 kilo / 152.117 lbs

70 Fresh Cup Magazine 1/6 H Page Marketplace ad

1/6 H Marketplace Ad - Ad specs: 3.625" x 3.125"

71 The Lease Coach, Inc Book "Negotiating Commercial Leases & Renewals for Dummies" and a Lease Document Review Gift Certificate

Dale Willerton and Jeff Grandfield's new book "Negotiating Commercial Leases & Renewals For Dummies" with a G.C. for a Lease Document Review.

72 Frozen Bean Holiday Gift Basket & Product Certificate

Holiday Gift Basket with crackers, nuts, hot chocolate and a $200 Frozen Bean Product Credit thefrozenbean.com

73 My Chai My Chai Original (Liquid)--6 - 1/2 gallon containers to a case, Tajmahal Spicy Powder Chai 8 - 3/4 lbs, Tajmahal Vanilla Powder Chai 8 - 3/4 lbs

(Chai - Spicy, Authentic Chai, Bapi's family recipe from India)
(Powders - made with real organic spices without any hydrogenated ingredients)

74 Guittard Chocolate   $150.00
75 Unemployed Philosopher   $350.00
76 Lucky Feather Coffee Jewelry

Carded coffee bean and mug earrings and necklaces 14k gold, silver palte 16" necklace

77   Coffee Kettle & 7 bags of Cup of Hope $150.00
78 Stix to Go 2 Cases of Stix --- 4,000 $50.00
79 American Barista 2 DVDs Passionate Harvest & EXtreeme Latte Art $150.00
80 Biscoff Biscoff Crumbles

2 cases of Biscoff Crumbles

81 Canyon Oats 2 Cases Canyon Oats Cups & 2 bags of GF Harvest Oats $180.00
82 Sun Ministries Products with Purpose

2 Stockings; 2 Bags


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