The Café Femenino Foundation is a non-profit organization working to enhance the lives of women and families in coffee producing communities by providing grants and support to worthy programs and projects. Donations are an integral part of our success.

We appreciate your interest in the grants available for sponsorship and welcome your contribution to making a difference in the lives of women and their families.


Grant # Country/Community Grant Description Amount Flyer
2016-01  FUNDED by Caffe Ibis

Sumatra - Aceh Province Indonesia
Coffee Drying Beds $2,500 Flyer
2016-02 Peru - Northeast Peru Coffee Producers Coffee Cantata - A Tribute to Garth Smith $4,500 Flyer

  FUNDED by Kaladi Coffee

Peru - Kañaris - ASPROAGRO - Lambayeque

Clean Water for Children of Tupac Amaru
$3,500 Flyer


Peru - Asproagro - Lambayeque
Villarumi, Huanama, San Jose Huanama

Wet Mill & Drying Patio $3,600 Flyer
2016-05 Peru- Lambayeque 
Yerba Buena Espinal-Sta Rosa & Machurcara
Wet Mill & Drying Patio $3,600 Flyer
2016-06 Peru - Association Kanaris - Lambayeque Huacapampa & Illambe Wet Mill & Drying Patio $3,600 Flyer
2016-07 Peru - Lambayeque - Kanaris Chilasque & Atumpampa-camphor Wet Mill & Drying Patio $3,600 Flyer
2016-08 Peru - Lambayeque, Green Pampa & Murojaga Communities Wet Mill & Drying Patio $2,450 Flyer
2016-09 Peru - Lambayeque,Tallapamp and Caracha Communities Wet Mill & Drying Patio $2,450 Flyer
2016-10 Peru - Lambayeque, Penachi, Llaque, and Kerguer Communities Wet Mill & Drying Patio $3,600 Flyer


Thank you to our 2017 VIP Supporters!

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